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Foundational to my work with any client is the strong conviction that the very things we need to survive and thrive are within our reach. There is mythic possibility in every one of us. 

Challenging and limiting situations have much to offer us if we are open to considering and practicing a different perspective.


This philosophy shows up throughout my work.


My work has grown to include a number of carefully selected and complementary Associates. Berrington and Associates is made up of certified and gifted individual, team and systems coaches. Each team member is equipped to help our clients deepen awareness, shift perspectives, change behaviors, and grow in hope, confidence and leadership for the future. 


For over three decades, we have designed custom coaching solutions that identify strengths and help our clients overcome constraints and reach their full potential.


Our team provides one-on-one coaching, team alignment and building workshops, and culture and strategy building programs. We can help build high performing teams and help successful leaders become even more successful. 


We know that each organization has its own context and culture; nothing is “one size fits all”. We work alongside our clients so they can develop meaningful goals and action plans that respond to change, improve culture, and refine their organization’s vision and purpose.

A cartoon Roger and his associates hold up a ladder
Cartoon kids ride in a paper airplane with "Can U" on the side


From my initial roles as founder and Volunteer Executive Director to my current position providing leadership guidance and coaching, my involvement with CanU has been one of the greatest gifts of my life. 


As a child who faced the challenges of growing up in a single-parent home I came away with some unintended benefits. I grew to be resilient, resourceful, and deeply grateful for a few key people who believed in me and helped me believe in my full potential and stay (mostly) on the straight and narrow. This lived experience inspired me to find a way to help other kids realize their potential.


The ‘University of Can’ started with 15 students. Ten years later, CanU includes 800 participants and over 1000 university student volunteers responsible for designing and leading mentorship and enrichment experiences for Winnipeg kids from grades 5 through 12. 


We have seen CanU kids graduate high school with honours and receive scholarships and advanced placement in elite university programs across Canada.


I love witnessing diverse groups of kids and volunteers grow in hope, confidence and leadership action. CanU gives me hope that if we can continue to learn to, with a good and open (even grateful) spirit, turn adversity into opportunities, we will see systemic social issues become places for innovative and lasting social change.


Forget the board game you played on rainy summer afternoons. 


Snakes and Ladders’ origins began hundreds of years ago, with roots in ancient eastern wisdom. It’s a spiritual adventure that mirrors the journey of life, and also a surprisingly effective tool for uncovering our true calling.


I’ll admit: I’m fascinated by this game, and it’s deep historical roots. And my interest has led me to develop a unique game-based framework I’ve used with CEOs, leadership teams, staff retreats and even Grade 5 students at CanU. It’s always fun, but most importantly, it inspires hope and provides perspective.


What are you trying to accomplish, what is your purpose? That’s your square 100. Your setbacks and roadblocks in achieving it? Those are your snakes (there are lots of them in life, and you’re going to experience many of these setbacks as you live - so how do you respond when that happens?). And then there are the ladders: the opportunities that help us step towards our purpose and become the organization or person we're destined to be. The real demonstration of wisdom is when we begin to realize that our snakes are actually ladders in disguise. Our setbacks become the catalysts to awareness, growth and innovation. 


“The impediment to action advances action, what stands in the way becomes the way.”  

- Marcus Aurelius

It is strangely comforting to know that you are not the only one who experiences setbacks and the emotions that accompany them. A mindset shift to accept that snakes are inevitable and should be expected (just as ladders should be) is a powerful path to living life with greater levels of acceptance, peace and even joy.

Cartoon Roger looks at a sign saying "Learner" The sign behind him says "Judger" witha snake's head in view
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